The hand rails that John installed turned out great! My dad will be more secure in the bath tub and going down the stairs and we both will have a place to work out doing dips! My parents really appreciated your service and John's installation skills and manner. We will be sure to use you in the future if a need arises and will not hesitate to refer you to any one we come across who could use your service.Doug
We are so happy with the end result of the bathroom remodel. The Home For Life guys did a fantastic job, and everything looks beautiful on top of that. I'm particularly pleased with the attention to detail that they demonstrated, and they were respectful to our property. Most importantly our son now has an accessible bathroom that has improved the quality of his life by leaps and bounds, he mentions how happy he is on a regular basis. We would not hesitate to ask Home For Life to do future work.Denise
Celebrated the one year anniversary of my ramp being built. I'm out in my yard and a happy customer. I use it daily.Brian & Jayne
The installers were very professional and polite, other than normal construction sounds the loudest thing I heard from them was laughter. They cleaned things up promptly.Alice
We have a very steep set of stairs in our split level home, and both of us are having problems with our knees getting up and down. We hired Home For Life to install a stairlift last fall, and we've been very happy with the installation and the convenience of being able to stay in our home and not leave our subdivision neighborhood. They were prompt and professional and very thorough in explaining how to use our new chair, and left the house in spotless condition. Thanks to Home For Life, life is a little easier and we're able to get around a lot better.Marilee
Our Acorn stairlift is great. We were especially pleased with the professionalism of your installers. They were pleasant and courteous. The stairlift itself has made a difference in my life. I am pleased to recommend your firm to anyone needing accessibility equipment and/or home modifications for accessibilityBob
I am a man who has been a lot of places and experienced a ton, and anyone who knows me will say that I am not easily impressed. My road in life has been rough, a lot of ups and downs. A few years ago I experienced an accident that landed me in a wheelchair for the rest of my life, no tears please; I'm still the strongest man I know. The aforementioned info is to give you an idea of who is writing this testament and believe it or not, it's not about me. I recently purchased a home in the south suburbs outside of Chicago, a beautiful split level four bedroom ranch style home, perfect in every way except one, it was not handicap accessible. For a moment I admit I was stumped until I was recommended by a friend of mine to a gentleman named Rein Puttkammer, a home modification specialist who heads up a company called "Home for Life Advantage Inc." I met with Mr. Puttkammer and I expressed to him a vision that I had for the inside of the house and as I explained, the house is beautiful and I did not want it to turn into a rehab looking clinic. Nevertheless, I needed comfortable access. He listened to what I explained I wanted. He did not have to draw a blueprint or any other elaborate preliminary specifications and in as little as a week and a half, he and his eldest son and a dedicated crew of about three other men brought my vision into reality, and not only did they not detract from the home's beauty, they enhanced its beauty. I mentioned earlier in this testimony that I am not easily impressed, well I am not only impressed but every day I get up and marvel over the work. The accuracy, the precision is absolutely magnificent. My vision into reality like a miracle, two wheelchair ramps in a sunken living room looking like something out of "Better Homes and Gardens" who would have thought that possible? Upon my first visit to the house I had to enjoy it through the eyes of my wife due to the fact that I had no access further than the garage. As a result of the finished product I realized total access to every room in the house. It curved where it needed to curve; it expanded where it needed to be expanded until it appeared as though the house was built from the ground up to accommodate my every need with a unique style and the signature of a true professional. Melvin
Thank you for a job beautifully done. This is a real blessing for my brother. Caring for him and securing his safety can now be accomplished with far greater ease and excellence. You guys were and are wonderful during this time of need.Dick
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Here at Home For Life Advantage, we pride ourselves on being the leading provider of ADA accessibility equipment in the Greater Chicago area. Serving people with disabilities and seniors desiring to remain independently living in their homes. We also supply and install accessibility equipment in commercial buildings.