Grab Bar Installation: ADA, bathroom, shower, garage & more

Chicago bathroom remodel with grab barsGrab bars provide extra stability for people with mobility issues. They help homeowners keep their balance while getting dressed, drying off in the bathroom, bathing, and standing up from the toilet. They are even helpful when stepping into the shower. A grab bar is a sturdy feature that will help you stay upright in your Chicagoland home. 

Bathroom Grab Bars

The bathroom is one of the most dangerous rooms in the home. According to the National Institute on Aging, more than a third of people aged 65 and over experience a fall each year. Of that one-third, 80 percent of those falls happen in the bathroom. 

Slippery surfaces cause people to lose their balance quickly. A grab bar can be put anywhere in the bathroom to offer an extra place to hold and help you keep your balance. We’re able to install them in fiberglass, drywall, tile and many other materials you may have in your home.

Shower Grab Bars

Installing shower grab bars, also called a shower bar, is highly recommended. At Home for Life, we advise one hung vertically at the entrance of your shower and one on the back wall placed horizontally. If you have a seat in your shower, you may want one at an angle near your seat to help you sit and stand. We can also install them to hang down from the ceiling as another place to hold while standing in the shower.

Toilet Grab Bars

Another popular area for installation in your bathroom is near the toilet. ADA guidelines require one horizontal bar behind the toilet and at least one at the side. During your one-hour free in-home consultation, we will assess your needs and suggest the best areas to place them. 

Why Choose Home For Life?

Our grab bars stand out among our competitors. Home for Life’s:

  • Are available in different colors and custom sizes
  • Come in stainless steel or warm-to-the-touch vinyl
  • Have antimicrobial finish to inhibit bacteria growth

During our assessment, we will help you decide what sizes would suit your needs the best. We have 12 inch to 36 inch grab bars in stock. We can special order sizes as well. Sometimes, we recommend hinged or other specialty bars to further help our clients live comfortably in their homes. 

Bariatric Options

We inventory bariatric grab bars as well. Our bariatric option is manufactured to hold up to 1,000 pounds. Standard bars are rated to hold up to 450 pounds. 

Installation Areas in the Home

We can evaluate your whole home to see where you would benefit from having extra stability. We can assess the bathroom, garage, hallways, bedroom and any other area where you may want added support. Often, we are asked to install a bar or two at the entrance of the garage to help with the step up. We have installed them in hallways, in bedrooms and near light switches to help homeowners keep their balance.

Toilet Grab Bar in Chicago, IL

Certified Professional Installers

As home modification specialists, we are Certified Aging in Place Specialists by the NAHB. This means we are trained and certified to install your grab bars. 

We follow ADA guidelines to make sure your bars are installed safely and correctly. Because of this, we never recommend buying suction grab bars. They do not meet ADA compliance and are extremely dangerous as they are not certified to hold any amount of body weight. 

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Installation: Step-by-Step

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