A Chairlift, Ceiling Lift, or Vertical Platform Lift Can Make Your Home in Naperville, IL, or another Nearby Community Safe and Accessible

Having a chairlift installed in your Naperville, Illinois, home can make it easier for you or a loved one with limited mobility to have better access to parts of your house that may otherwise be unreachable. The certified aging-in-place specialists from Home for Life Advantage have invaluable experience equipping homes with various types of lifts that make it easier to get around. Home for Life Advantage will take care of both the installation and the electrical work. Other companies may only install a chairlift and then leave you to find someone else to handle the electric hookups, but we’re a design-build firm that can do it all – allowing you to enjoy your new chairlift as soon as possible.

Home for Life Advantage is proud to offer homeowners in Naperville and beyond different types of lifts. We can install the following:

  • Vertical platform lifts – Also known as porch lifts, these have a weather-resistant design that makes them ideal for either indoor or outdoor use. Additionally, they have a lifting height of up to 15 feet, enabling individuals to access a deck, home, or other area without having to get out of their wheelchair.
  • Ceiling lifts – Our ceiling lifts come in many different types and sizes of slings and can make the process of transferring or repositioning individuals with limited mobility a safer and more comfortable one.
  • Stairlifts/chairlifts – Chairlifts are able to transport individuals and their wheelchairs, whereas stairlifts consist of a motorized seat where individuals can sit down in order to go up or down stairs. We can install an outdoor or indoor stairlift, and it can be straight or curved. Our straight stairlifts can travel up to 40 feet and have an industry-best weight capacity of 600 pounds. The curved stairlifts we offer provide an extremely quiet and smooth ride and have a narrower profile.

One of the best parts of getting your chairlift, ceiling lift, or vertical platform lift from Home for Life Advantage is our unbeatable customer service. For instance, we service lifts regardless of whether or not we installed them. Additionally, if you decide to relocate and want to take your chairlift with you, we’ll move it for you – ensuring that you can easily move around in your new home without interruption.

Contact Home for Life Advantage today to learn more about how we can install a chairlift or another type of lift in your home in Naperville, IL, or a surrounding area. One of our friendly representatives would be happy to schedule your free in-home consultation with living-in-place expert.

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Here at Home For Life Advantage, we pride ourselves on being the leading provider of ADA accessibility equipment in the Greater Chicago area. Serving people with disabilities and seniors desiring to remain independently living in their homes. We also supply and install accessibility equipment in commercial buildings.