Building Technology


When we hear the word “Technology” we generally think of advanced electronics such as the latest computer innovations, smart phones, computer controls in our car, or the newest software. What we generally don’t think of are the latest technologies in building innovations and devices for our homes that make our lives easier and safer.

Advanced technology in our home is important because it allows us to live independently.  Even though your mobility becomes limited, you shouldn’t have to leave behind the surroundings that have become so familiar to you and a part of your life.

With Home for Life Advantage there’s no need to say “Good-Bye” to all of the memories that fill your home.  We have the know-how to provide the latest in advanced home technologies to make your home your friend again.

Some innovative building technologies that Home for Life Advantage, Inc. can provide:

  • No-Barrier shower
    Easily access your shower with no “wall” at the bottom to step over.
  • Lighted grab bars
  • Brightly colored grab bars in the bathroom and shower
    Making needed grab bars compliment their decor and surroundings
    shouldn’t make them hard to see when you need them.
  • Handheld shower head
  • Motion Activated Lighting
    Lights automatically turn on when entering a room.
  • Touch or Motion Sensor on and off faucets
  • Remote control Bidet toilet
  • Decora (large rocker style) light switches, with lighted switch
    to make it easy to turn the lights on and off as well as to find the switch
    easily in a dark room.
  • Pull out shelving in lower cabinets
    No need to bend or squat down to find what you need.  Simply pull the
    cabinet shelf out like a drawer to access whatever you need.
  • Magnetic induction cook tops for safety and efficiency
    Not only is magnetic induction cooking more energy efficient than cooking with
    a gas or electric cook top, it’s safer too.  Only the container
    that you’re cooking in gets hot. The cook top, except where it touches
    the container, stays cool because no heat is generated by the cook top itself.
  • Automatic Door Openers
About Us

Here at Home For Life Advantage, we pride ourselves on being the leading provider of ADA accessibility equipment in the Greater Chicago area. Serving people with disabilities and seniors desiring to remain independently living in their homes. We also supply and install accessibility equipment in commercial buildings.