Preparing for the 2020 Raised Gardening Season

Raised garden with vegetables and herbs

We’re nearing March. The cold, snowy months are waning. With spring drawing near, it’s time to begin planning your garden. The first day of spring is March 19, but don’t wait until then to decide what seeds to buy. For some plants, you might want to start them inside and transplant them once the snow is gone for good. A

Harvesting Your Raised Garden and Planning for Winter

Enjoying the Fruits of our Labor We’re very sad to say that it’s the end of summer. As autumn kicks into full swing, it exchanges the warm, sunny days of summer with cool temperatures, falling leaves and the end of a season. Your garden, however, is at its peak in produce. Our Home For Life raised garden is overflowing with

Gardening for Everyone: Adapting Your Garden to You

Raised gardening allows everyone the opportunity to take part in the activity no matter their age or ability level. It gives every person the freedom to participate in growing their own vegetables, fruits or flowers. Adapting your garden to thrive with you is important to happy plants and a healthy you. Everyone has their own ability level. If you’ve had

Accessible Gardening for Beginners

Raised garden pansies

As seen in Comfort Keepers’ blog. Benefits of Gardening Gardening has been credited by multiple research studies to have a positive effect on mental health. There are physical and psychological benefits to go along with the popular outdoor activity. Things like core strengthening and better heart health along with reduced stress and an increased sense of well-being are just a