According to the Balance Institute of America, most falls in the home occur between where you sleep and the Bathroom.

Here are some concerns we here frequently from our clients –

  • I’m struggling to get in and out of the bathtub.
  • A grab bar at the entrance to my shower would help with my balance.
  • Getting up off of the toilet is becoming more difficult.
  • My floor is slippery; I’m afraid of falling.
  • I can’t get in; I can’t get out of the tub.
  • I have to turn my walker sideways to fit through the door.
  • I have a hard time transferring into the tub.
  • I can’t get my wheelchair up to the sink.

Every bathroom created by Home for Life Advantage is customized to meet your specific needs.
Here are some of the bathroom modifications that Home for Life Advantage, Inc. can provide that can improve your current and future needs.

  • No-Barrier Shower
    Easily access your shower with no “curb” at the entrance to step over.
  • Grab-bars in the bathroom and shower
    A contrasting colored grab bar in the shower area is there for security when you need it.  A grab bar placed near the toilet will aid you in getting up and down.
  • Handheld shower head
    Having a handheld shower head will help make washing easier when you are seated in the shower.
  • Fold down shower seat
    Flip the seat up when standing or down to site when needed.
  • Comfort height toilet
    The old standard for toilet heights was 14 inches.  The new comfort height toilet, at 17 inches is far easier to sit and stand from.
  • Bidet functionality for your toilet
    If reaching to clean yourself is difficult, these toilet seats come with a remote control that allows you to control a wand to clean, and a fan to dry yourself.
  • Faucets with levered handles
    Levers are easier to operate than knobs.
    Motion sensors to turn faucets on and off are also available when needed.
  • Non-slip flooring with no thresholds
    Tiles which are more slip resistant will help prevent many falls coming out of the shower.
  • Adjust the height of countertops and vanities.
    We understand that once size does not fit all!  Your countertops and vanities should fit you, not the other way around.
  • Decora (large rocker style) light switches, with lighted switch
    Make it easy to turn lights on and off as well as find the switch easily at nighttime.
  • Motion Activated Lighting
    Lights automatically turn on when entering a room.
  • Lighting timers to automatically shut off lights or fans in the bathrooms
    Whether you’ve forgotten to turn the light off or you find yourself walking into an unexpectedly dark room, lighting timers can make life safe and worry free.
  • Wider door openings
    We can widen your door opening or change to a pocket door to allow for easier access into the bathroom.
  • Door levers instead of knobs
    It can become difficult to grab and turn doorknobs.  With door levers, the need to grab and turn a doorknob is history.
No Barrier Shower
No-Barrier Shower
Grab Bars-Hand Held Shower Head-Fold Down Seat
Grab Bars; Hand Held Shower Head; Fold Down Seat
Comfort height toilet with bars
Comfort height toilet with bars

Research by the National Center for Disease Control and Prevention shows that these home modifications may prevent 30% to 50% of all accidents among seniors.

About Us

Here at Home For Life Advantage, we pride ourselves on being the leading provider of ADA accessibility equipment in the Greater Chicago area. Serving people with disabilities and seniors desiring to remain independently living in their homes. We also supply and install accessibility equipment in commercial buildings.